Acer japonicum/FullmoonJapanese Maple

Japanese maple, Acer japonicum 'Green Cascade'Who can resist Japanese Maples? Not me. Especially the variety ‘Green Cascade’ you see in these photos, with its amazing fall foliage. It grows to either 6 x 10 or 20 x 30 (depending on who’s talking, so only time will tell.) There are lots more great varieties to choose from.

Expert Michael Dirr says A. japonicum isn’t as heat-tolerant as A. palmatum, but mine seems quite happy in the hot Mid-Atlantic area.


  • Protect from full sun in the South. (Dappled shade is best.)
  • Hardy to Zones 5-7.


  • Especially in its early years, keep watered. (Okay, so maybe these aren’t the MOST sustainable plant in the world, but I make a tiny exception for them. Now in its fifth year, mine gets minimal watering, however.)
  • They require no pruning at all.