Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald Gaiety’

Euonymous 'Emerald Gaity'Bright evergreens like one contribute big-time to the garden every day of the year, despite their lack of blooms. This one is just inside my front gate and most visitors — if they’re gardeners — stop and admire it. So I just bought 3 more for the front of my back border. Only 6 bucks each.

And unlike ‘Burning Bush’ euonymus, this one isn’t invasive at all.


  • My Dirr book (right sidebar) says this plant will become 4-5′ tall, but that’s hard to believe because this one’s been here for about 10 years and it’s only about a foot tall and maybe 3 feet across.
  • Hardy to  Zone 5.


  • It’s extremely drought-tolerant.
  • I’ve removed a couple of errant branches; that’s it.