Aesculus parviflora / Bottlebrush Buckeye

A magnificent shrub native from the Carolinas south to Alabama and Florida, which woody plant expert Michael Dirr calls “truly one of the best native shrubs for late-spring and early-summer flowers.” My original five are spreading to create a nice little grove in the woods.


  • Grows to 8-15′ tall and wide.
  • Hardy in Zones 4-8.
  • Grows 2 to 4 feet per year.
  • Flowers in mid-summer.
  • Full sun or partial shade. Mine have total woodland cover (high shade) and are doing fine. In fact, it’s unusual in that it flowers almost as much in full shade as in sun.
  • I’ve read that its suckering “can colonize a large piece of real estate.” Sounds good to me.


  • No pruning is required, though old ones are sometimes rejuvenated by pruning them to the ground.
  • Mine have received no supplemental water since their first year.