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In my Zone 7A garden, so if you live in a different hardiness zone, adjust accordingly.)

Shrubs in fallIf you’ve looking for low-maintenance gardening then shrubs and small trees are the plants for you. Here are a few that have been easy for me, by which I mean they look great with little or no help. Notice I don’t mean “look crappy but manage to stay alive”. Don’t miss the extra-credit section: Shrubs I’ve Killed. And to read more real gardeners’ experiences with different shrubs and trees, I recommend the plant profiles at Daves Garden. Just put a plant name in the “Search Plants” function you see on the right. More photos of shrubs and trees can be found by using Google Images (a great resource!)

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Shrubs and Trees for Shady Spots

Aesculus parviflora/Bottlebrush Buckeye, Hydrangea quercifolia/Oakleaf Hydrangea, Itea virginica/Virginia Sweetspire, Buxus/Boxwood, Aucuba, some cherry laurels and Nandina and Pieris japonica. Oh, and azalea, of course — a shrub usually planted unhappily in afternoon sun.

And don’t miss horticulturist Erica Glasener’s favorite shrubs for shade on this page.Deodar cedar

Shrubs I’ve Killed

Tree and Shrub Stories from the Garden

Got Deer?

Do the research and don’t waste money on plants they’ll love. Here’s the best site I’ve ever found on the subject for good detailed information.

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