Stachys / Lamb’s Ear

stachys, lamb's earA tough silver a mat-forming evergreen. The popular variety ‘Helene von Stein’ doesn’t bloom but its foliage holds up better into late summer and fall.

It’s native to dry spots in Southwest Asia.


  • Grown mainly for foliage, its emerging blooms are often removed altogether.
  • Will spread easily to fill in large area.
  • Full sun or light shade.


  • Drought-tolerant; I water new transplants only.
  • For better-looking foliage, remove the flowers before they open.
  • Also remove any rotted or bad-looking foliage.
  • Do not prune for winter; wait til early spring to cut off winter-damaged foliage.
  • If desired, you can divide them in spring, and remove the old woody growth while you’re at it.
  • When watering, try not to wet the leaves.