Wildlife and the Garden

“Wildlife” is the word for critters we like; the ones we don’t like we call “pests.” Though sustainable gardeners have a pretty high tolerance for insects that may just be trying to get a decent meal in their garden.

Articles on this Site

  • Turn your Garden Into a Wildlife Habitat is a whole-hearted endorsement of the National Wildlife Federation’s plan to make our gardens — and our communities — more wildlife-friendly.
  • Butterfly Gardening unravels the mysteries of “host plants,” “nectar plants” and exactly what plants really attract the most species of butterflies.
  • All about attracting hummingbirds — with feeders and with plants.
  • Worms — Nature’s Composters is all about the amazing abilities of earthworms to turn your garbage into gold. It’s called vermiculture, and it’s actually fun.
  • Organic Mosquito Control — Bats! is an affectionate look at these much-maligned but human-friendly critters. Great books for adults and kids, and bat houses for your very own yard.

Stories from Garden Blogs

Pollinating Bee News

Hummingbird photo credit. Owl photo by Glenda Kapsalis. In collage, jade bee by the Flatbush Gardener; goldfinch by Runner Jenny.