Low Maintenance Gardening

Probably 80 percent of the people who call me for gardening help have one big requirement: Make it low-maintenance! So first I say there’s no such thing as a NO-maintenance garden, then get to work teaching them how to create gardens that fit their lifestyle. So a huge chunk of my coaching advice is right here for the taking.

Articles on this Site

  • Designing for Low Maintenance looks at the big picture in creating a low-maintenance landscape — plants versus patios, lawn versus borders, and what about a nifty pond?
  • Plants for Low, Medium or High Maintenance divides plant groups into high-maintenance, low-maintenance, and those, (like perennials or turfgrasses) that can be either, depending on which ones are chosen and how they’re grown.
  • How to Garden the Low-Maintenance Way is an info-packed walk through the real-life tasks of gardening — like planting, watering, weeding, pruning, fertilizing, mulching — and explains how to do them the easy way.
  • Weedless Gardening by Lee Reich, author of Weedless Gardening.
  • Easy-Care Roses tells the good news — that there are roses that require no spraying, minimal or no feeding or supplemental watering, and look great in the garden. Some are recent introductions; some old stand-bys.
  • My hot tip for low-maintenance containers is to use sedums.

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  • This article on drought tolerance provoked 30 comments from some passionate, well-informed readers.
  • And that one prompted this follow-up on drought-tolerance — because it’s a hot issue!
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