Garden Design

Garden design can be intimidating, and it’s easy to feel judged by designers. And the notion of design makes us nervous that we’ll have to give up our favorite plants because they clash with each other, or just aren’t cool enough. But with truly minimal attention to design, you can have it all! Really.

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Stories from the Garden

  • Have a Seat makes the point: What’s a garden without seating?
  • The Myth of Planning stirred up quite a row over on GardenRant.
  • Me and My Landscape Architect is about the make-over of my own front yard, with a little help from a professional. (It served as my response to the Myth of Planning.)
  • Uncool Plants can be used in cool ways, as seen in Michele Owens’s Upstate New York neighborhood.

More Great Info on Line

  • Landscaping 101 is essential reading for anyone starting out. It’s written in the always-entertaining style of Minnesota writer/landscaper Don Engebretson — the “Renegade Gardener”.
  • Fast Privacy is a good article about the all-important design challenge of screening for privacy or to block some nearby ugliness. Excellent plant suggestions, too.