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The Beekeeper and Compostwoman of Suburbia

June 10, 2010 · 1 comment

There once was a medical writer/editor who worked really hard over a long career to explain diseases and treatments very, very clearly for the general public.  Then she decided she’d rather NOT work til she dropped, so in 2008 Pamela J retired from NIH and took up gardening in a big way.   Gardenblogging, too, though in her case it’s garden+nature+knitting+cats+whatever she’s reading, and so on, and I say good!  I think blogs that are all gardening all the time can be boring – or so I concluded years ago, before I stopped reading them.  (A shocking admission, I admit, but if you’re a gardenblogger, you probably know it’s true.)

But I do read the far-flung thoughts of my real (not virtual) friend of 30 years and recommend them to inquiring minds everywhere:

  • On PamelaJ, her main blog, she recently posted an exhaustive display of composting systems, but the BIG news there is her new life as a beekeeper!  Here’s Pam in her full beekeeping regalia and believe me, wardrobe isn’t the only thing she’s doing right, after much study.  (She recommends training given by Montgomery County Beekeepers Association, as well as on their forums.)  To actually see Pam, go back to my post about a  friend we’re both missing.
  • My Lovely Worms is her vermicomposting blog and that name was not given in jest.  She really thinks that way.
  • And finally (for now) My Lovely Weeds, because blogs are free and why not?  Posting about weeds could bring her closer to her ideal of weed mastery by name-knowing.

I stole just a few of Pam’s awesome nature photos for the collage below.  There’s lots more where they came from – and good writing, too.

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