About Sustainable-Gardening.com

The Mission to Teach Gardening

The purpose of this website is to teach gardening — in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way. The principal author is Susan Harris, gardening in Maryland, USDA Zone 7A. Most of the plants grown in her garden are hardy to colder climates, however, and the site includes articles by outstanding garden writers in other climates.

The Mission to Get it Right

Authors of this website are gardening professionals, life-long gardeners and garden writers, but with rare exceptions, not horticulturists. What you’ll find here are articles written by objective writers based on their own experiences, academic findings, news reports and contrary opinions in both the mainstream media and in the blogosphere on the subjects covered here. If you think we’ve missed some new information or need to correct a point of information, just drop Susan a line. Best practices keep changing, after all.

What People are Saying

  • “Not just about sustainable gardening, a really informative, non-scary site with useful tips and really funny commentary. Tons of links to articles.” SwampGardener
  • “The Sustainable Gardening website has the refreshing distinction of including many thoughtful voices all focused on presenting the most current information on sustainable practices for landscapes and gardens.  Unlike so many less credible gardening personalities, Susan subsumes her ego to present a platform for objective opinions other than her own.” Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D., Extension Urban Horticulturist, Puyallup Research and Extension Center, Washington State University, and Associate Professor, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Washington State University
  • “To the lay gardener ‘sustainable gardening’ evokes images of hippies with backyards bordering on chaotic mayhem. Yet, in this wonderful offering by Susan Harris she breaks down the stereotypes and encourages us to step away from the norm. Her affable let-me-show-you style quickly dispels the barriers to steering our gardens from resource-hungry plots to productive and envrionmentally-friendly areas — with tips that seem almost effortless. A great site for any gardener.” Stuart Robinson at Gardening Tips n Ideas
  • “Susan’s site is for gardeners, wanna-be gardeners, tree cutters and huggers alike. It’s a great e-stop for news summaries and consumer reports. And best of all it doesn’t talk down to anyone. Here’s conscionable, gritty-handed hand-holding from one of the pioneers of garden coaching.” Julie Ardery, Human Flower Project
  • “Susan Harris may be the voice of authority when it comes to sustainable gardening, but she is also the most approachable and reader-friendly guide to the subject I know of on the Internet. She tackles some of the most difficult topics and without putting you to sleep or scaring you to death.” Robin Wedewer, Examiner.com
  • “Check out the Gardening Coach Susan Harris’s (also a Garden Ranter) new web publication www.sustainable-gardening.com.This is a great new web resource you should all check out.” Garden Girl Patti Moreno.